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dermalyze eye gel for dark circles, bags and wrinkles

Finding an eye cream powerful enough to effectively treat each and every aspect of aging eyes is no small task.  While many eye creams make lofty promises, most times consumers are left frustrated with the results or worse, having to purchase 2-3 separate creams to target Wrinkles, Dark Circles AND puffy under eye bags.

Formulated with premium, medical grade ingredients, DermaLyze is the perfect blend of age old beauty secrets and modern day science.  DermaLyze rapidly eliminates wrinkles and fine lines; while puffiness and dark circles continue to fade with each application.  All of this PLUS it is backed up by real, documented, scientific studies.  The scientists at DermaLyze have eliminated the guesswork of choosing an eye cream and delivered a powerful, all in one eye gel that has industry experts scrambling to get their supply.


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green-checkThere are 3 Aspects to Treating the Eye Area:

1.  Reducing wrinkles and fine lines under and around the eyes.

2.  Reducing dark circles or rings under and around the eyes.

3.  Reducing puffiness around the eyes or Bags underneath.

Aspect #1:  Remove Wrinkles around the eye area

While many eye creams provide your skin moisture to remove the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, DermaLyze actually heals your wrinkles.  Through the process of cellular regeneration, this ground breaking formula rapidly produces collagen, elastin and other binding fibers essential the the treatment of wrinkles.

With consistent use, DermaLyze drastically reduces the length, depth and visibility of wrinkles. By focusing on the overall health and function of your skin cells, DermaLyze has created the ideal formula to restore your skin’s youthful, vibrant elasticity.

dermalyze removes wrinkles


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Aspect #2: Fading and Brightening Dark Circles or Rings

For those who suffer from dark circles under their eyes, DermaLyze knows frustrating it can be.  Many times this condition is hereditary, or it can be a direct result of aging.  Regardless, Blood originated pigmentation has developed and gathered under your eyes,leaving you with the unsightly condition known to most as “Dark Circles”

DermaLyze contains scientifically proven ingredients designed to attack dark circles with a two pronged approach.  First, it heals the blood-stained skin cells, allowing them to be replaced with new, healthy skin cells. Secondly, it addresses the problem at its source, the capillaries in the eye area.  By thickening the walls of veins and capillaries, DermaLyze can prevent blood from seeping into the skin cells, ensuring that your dark circles never come back!see how dermalyze works on dark circles

Aspect #3: Relieve Puffiness and Bags under the eye

eliminate puffy eye bagsNext to dark circles, one the most highly complained about conditions of aging eyes is Puffiness.  Sometimes called under eye bags, this condition is caused by liquids and fat globules building up underneath the thin tissue surrounding the eye.DermaLyze, breaks apart this  fat build up allowing the body to carry it away from the eye area to be disposed of.

The result is dramatic and measurable.  The thickness, or puffiness of the bags vanishes, while the other ingredients firm and tone the skin to eliminate that tired, exhausted look.

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Dermalyze Dermalyze Eye Gel Dermalyze Eye Gel for wrinkles, dark circles, and under eye bags SKU dermalyze-eye-gel UPC Model Dermalyze Restorative Eye Gel

Amazing on Dark RIngs

Jan 17, 2013 by Heather Vargas

This cream works wonders on the dark rings around your eyes. You will be thrilled with it, as was I.

My favorite eye cream by far

Jan 11, 2013 by Camile

I broke out from every other eye cream I tried before. I have very sensitive skin. This one didn't break me out, and BETTER yet it actually is giving me very positive results on my wrinkles and the bags under my eyes. I'm happy to recommend this.

5.0 5.0 2 2 This cream works wonders on the dark rings around your eyes. You will be thrilled with it, as was I. Dermalyze Eye Gel
Dermalyze Eye Gel
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